Not There Yet


It’s been two months. It doesn’t feel like home yet,  and I’m feeling a little homeless.  Where in Portland do we fit?  It’s a hipster City and I am in awe every day!  We are not exactly in the hipster district, but pretty close!

glasses are hip

That’s me on the left.  Actually, they’re pretty cute!  Portland, where one tattoo is never enough.hipsterSo we don’t fit into the hipster lifestyle, yet there are hipsters in our building!  I ran into one today getting off the elevator.  He was also pretty cute.  Maybe going to work??  It looked like he had on some kind of black suit (not the kind we’re used to).  But the hair!  Pomade was all I could think of.  A black volcano on top of his head, Mt St. Helens  all pomaded into place.  Black hipster glasses.  Oh, I wish I could have taken a picture…

What to do when you are desperately missing your kids, grandchildren (do they even remember who we are?) and friends?  Take a road trip!  So we did.  Two weeks in California spent seeing everyone.  It was wonderful.  California is so much more fun when you don’t live there.  I can see why people love to take a vacation there!Easter outfits Liam with tortilla

Olivia and Mackenzie, 15 months.  Liam, 10 months.  Yes, you are right.  That is a tortilla on Liam’s head.  Don’t even ask!  Now you see why the road trip was necessary!

Back in Portland with renewed enthusiasm.  I joined a newcomers club to meet people.  The weather is great.  AND SeneGence came out with the most amazing product (in my book) since LipSense!

There are many days I don’t want to bother with foundation, but it really makes a difference.  Now I don’t have to bother!  Introducing the amazing CC (color correcting) Tinted Moisturizer!  It is also a BB Cream.  BB Cream is skin care and make up in one simple step.  It covers like a foundation!  The color conforms to your skin tone and it’s a moisturizer.  I absolutely love it.tinted moisturizer

What’s in it?  Vitamins A,B,C,E  Orchid Extract, Tea Leaf Extract, Anti-Aging SenePlex Complex.  It helps to correct redness and signs of skin damage.  It fights free radicals with a formula ideal for Acne-prone skin including Amica Flower, a natural anti-inflammatory

Tinted Moisturizer will last several months and is sold for $45.  Followers of my blog will get free shipping!  SeneGence is already sold out, but I ordered several before that happened.  If you would like one, email me at:   Free shipping ends on Sunday, May 25th.

Have any of you experienced the hipster culture??