Tom, my hubby of many ( so many, oh so many, lots) of years, used to play bocce ball on Wednesday nights.  It was MY FREE NIGHT!  Do what I want, no cooking, you get the picture.  Then we moved.  No Wednesday night bocce ball.  For years he tried to get me to join the team, but I wouldn’t because it was MY FREE NIGHT!  Now Wednesdays are our night.  I decided he needed to cook on Wednesday nights so I would retain some freedom.  I would do the dishes, as he does them when I cook.  Great plan!  He took to it like a fly to flypaper.

Last Wednesday we were at Trader Joes.  “What are you cooking for dinner tonight?”  I asked sweetly.  He looked at me with complete surprise.  “What are you talking about?  I took you out to dinner last night.”  “HA, that was Tuesday” I said, “this is Wednesday and your night to cook.”  If only I had a picture of his face…but he gamely said ok and proceeded to scour the store for an idea, any idea.

He came up with one.  It was fine.  I wish I could say the same about the kitchen…food disaster

mess on wednesdaywednesday dinner  I rest my case.  This is from three different Wednesdays.  Do you see a pattern?  An evil pattern? I clean up as I cook.  Don’t you?  He says he’s “creating”, genius can not be interrupted by cleaning up.  Anyone know a bocce league he can get into?!

Last weekend we were invited to join friends at a beach place.  It was so relaxing!  Chloe the dog Tom actually went fishing off of some rocks and caught Pacific Greenling fish. They were beautiful!  Teal gills, red spots.  They looked like this when they were cleanedblue fish Tom cooked. The fish cooked up white. They were delicious and no mess!

These are the last few days of the lower prices for SeneGence products.  Prices have already gone up on line.  I am not raising prices until August 15th.  If you a reader of my blog, you have until the end of the month!  Take advantage!!girl

Who does the cooking in your household and are you a messy cook?!