About Stevie

CIMG1142I grew up in Blue Earth, MN.   It didn’t seem like it at the time, but it was an idyllic childhood.  I went to the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul, MN  affectionately known as St. Kate’s.  I became a teacher because that’s what my dad told me to be.    I quit after two years and got hired by United Airlines, which I liked a lot better than teaching and spent 31 years doing that.

I love sports, good books, writing, food,( I follow several food blogs), wine, hiking and Lipstick.  If you want to know what the best Lipstick in the world is, let me know!

I also sell lipstick!

I have been selling incredible lipstick by SeneGence for eight years. If you are looking for lipstick that will change your life, this is it! Made with all natural ingredients, this long-lasting lipstick will stay on your lips all day. Find out more at lips2love.com

4 thoughts on “About Stevie

  1. Shari Powell says:

    I heard that you met my daughter in Medora this week…. looking forward to your take on the interaction! 🤔😬🤗 She was excited to share her experiences from her trip!

  2. Jan Nelson Fawcett says:

    Enjoyed your blog AND our reunion! By the way, what is the best lipstick???? Jan Fawcett

  3. Kimberly Schifrin says:

    Stevie, you did it again. Made me laugh out load..in Starbucks. People looked over as if I interrupted the most important call they had ever received. Oh get a life, I thought. Such talent. Say hi to Tom, Max. Let Max know I was pleased to hear about the little one on the way. It was good to see you at the Panama Hotel. Take care. KIM Schifrin

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