Not Again!

How do you go from liking where you live to not liking it? When does it get to be too late in life to make a change or is it never too late? Or do you just wake up one day and decide this is not the place you want to die? And if this is not the place you want to die or be left in if your spouse dies, then what? Where is that place? And for God’s sake, at this point in your life, why haven’t you yet found it?

Was it the pandemic? the riots, the destruction of downtown Portland? the homeless? All of it of course. But we don’t live downtown so it doesn’t affect us I’ve been told. Oh but it does as we are close to downtown and always went there for dinner and shopping and doctors and dentists and especially to take visitors to see what all was wonderful about where we live. Will it get better? Not for a long time. However, we do have lots of friends here and the first five years were a great experience. But it sure seems to be over.

So if not here, where? Is it the small Minnesota lake town that we visited last summer for a month? The land of cream horns, unlocked doors, thunderstorms and bad coffee? But isn’t there winter there? Lots of snow, big drifts, very cold weather, ice fishing and stuff like that? The relatives I have there smartly leave in the wintertime and go to places like Phoenix and San Diego, but one house is enough for us so we would be sort of stuck. Besides, we’re big City people, we’ve never lived in a small town other than the one each of us grew up in. So if not there, where?

All of America is on the move, literally. Is it really possible to find a home in a place you would consider moving where you know you’d be buying at the top prices ever recorded. It’s just so easy to stay put. We love our house, a move is very daunting, we have friends, the weather is usually comfortable, it snows rarely, the medical care is excellent and we’re old. What the heck! Let’s do it anyway! Stay tuned.

When in your life is it too late to move?

4 thoughts on “Not Again!

  1. John Doman says:

    Stevie…..there’s a lot to be said for following your heart! We’ll miss you and Tom in Portland but hope you find lots of fun and happiness in Minnesota!

  2. Carole Fine says:

    First full day in Sun City West AZ – left PDX last week for all the reasons you enunciated but moving is horrific, never again. Good luck, I’ll be looking to see where you end up

  3. Karelyn Kark Lacher says:

    Hi Stevie, What a great story about your struggles and reasons to move back to Minnesota! You are very brave and so fortunate to have the support of Tom to make this move! I would love to have your courage!! I want to move out of my house to something smaller soon, but there is nothing here in little Blue Earth that really fits my needs at this time. Now that COVID has settled down I am at least able to visit my friends who have cabins in northern Minnesota. My my cousin, Beth, has a cottage near Fergus Falls on Eagle Lake, and one of my college roommates has a place near Crosslake and Walker area. Both are on my plans for visits later this summer. Can’t wait!! We must keep in touch! I am very happy about your your decision to be back in the Midwest and know your children and grandchildren will all want to visit you when you are settled. Take care and lots of hugs, Karelyn

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