Comfort Food Really?!

Post election elation or depression, more lockdowns, schools not open, cases rising.  We need comfort food more than ever and to me chicken noodle soup is not comfort food.  Something new and exciting to occupy our time and taste, something everyone will love, something really daring with universally loved foods.  Enter the Oreo cookie, bacon and a sprinkling of an all purpose meat rub, spicy or not.

Our son Max seems to be a master chef on his Traeger Grill.  Almost every day he sends pictures of the amazing things he makes on this grill, things you wouldn’t think of to grill.  His latest?  Bacon wrapped Oreo cookies with a sprinkling of the aforementioned rub.

That’s it, three ingredients.  Two of which almost all of Americans love.  You could leave out the sprinkling of the rub if you like.  Wrap your Oreo cookie in a slice of bacon, sprinkle bacon with the rub, then cook on the Traeger at 250 degrees for 40-45 minutes or until the bacon is done.  Voila!  A new and exciting comfort food.  Guaranteed to spark conversation away from all of our current problems. Can you imagine the Super Bowl with these gems?  Sounds pretty perfect to me.

Does this look like comfort food to you?  I heard they were delicious.

8 thoughts on “Comfort Food Really?!

  1. Marilynn weise says:

    Sweet and gooey plus crunchy and salty….sounds terrific. Too bad my best friend and my daughter who lives with me are both vegetarians. Maybe I will have to try it on my own.🙂

    • Selena Doman says:

      I will try almost anything and would happily munch down one of these guys! I can almost always find something good to say if someone else does the cooking! And I think you’re right that anything described as “interesting” and “adventurous,“ (especially if it contains bacon, and Oreos) is more appreciated than ever during these crazy, hazy groundhog days of Covid! I must add, however, that when it comes to comfort food… I’m more of a soup gal.🥰

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