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Never has Groundhog day meant so much to so many people as day after day the same routine repeats.  I keep thinking about Dante’s 9 circles of hell.  Which circle are we in right now and how far down will we have to go and what happens if we do reach that 9th circle?  Are we in the first one still, Limbo?  Or have we descended already into number 5 which is Anger?

Tom and I were hanging out on circle #1  when we decided to watch a movie.  Tom was scrolling through our choices when he stumbled on “Once Upon a Time in the West.  It was made in 1968 and Tom said “I think this is a classic.”  “How can it be a classic” I said, “I’ve never heard of it.”  Then he said “Let’s watch it.”  I wasn’t excited but I agreed.  That movie plunged us headlong into circle #2, Lust, until I realized what that meant so we had to plunge down even further.  I have never seen a movie so awful.  Tom said “I’m sure it gets better, there has to be some action soon.”  There was not.  We watched almost an hour before turning it off.  I looked up the movie as it was that bad and it turns out the Library of Congress preserved it in the National Film Registry as being historically significant.  I would rather scrub my deck again and again over watching that.  It was a box office flop by the way.  I blame this on Tom of course as it was his pick.  I get the next pick and I’m thinking either “Sound of Music” or “Frozen.”

As we plunged into circle 3 what I see is horrifying.  It’s endless TV sets on an endless loop of Tom Brady and the grumpy lobster boat captain Bill Belichick, winning 6 Super Bowls.  If you don’t read Jason Gay, the Wall Street Journal’s sports writer, you will not have heard his nickname for the New England Patriot’s head coach, Bill Belichick.  A more perfect nickname I have never heard.  And if the New England Patriots Super Bowls are only on circle #3, I can’t imagine what horrors await on circle #4.

Did you hear that the Government of Malaysia on Facebook asked the women of the country not to nag their husband during this crisis and to please try to look nice by wearing make up and dress nicely by not wearing home clothes.  This cracked me up and they got a lot of push back, enough that they had to take the post down.  But, are you wearing “home” clothes during this crisis?  I am.  Mine consist of a red turtleneck if it’s cold, or a pink short sleeved shirt if it’s warm, under my dark grey sweatshirt and my light grey jeans.  The other day I was forced to wash the outfit and I was lost as to what to wear.  So far, no complaints from Tom.

Any good movies?  Do you have home clothes? What level of Dante’s circles are you on?

5 thoughts on “Home Clothes

  1. JJ says:

    Well…it was the “home clothes” that got me – as that was exactly what I was doing. Had 3 outfits just recycling them – seemed to work here!! Maybe not tho! Ha!!
    Attitude and outfits aren’t getting better…hmmm.
    Will take your sense of humor any day all day…thanks.

  2. Jim Mulkey says:

    Stevie. can’t believe you didn’t like Once Upon…. A true classic. I even studied it in a film class at UW. I even have it on our TIVO for future viewing. I sat next to Charles Bronson on a first class flight from LA to Boston. Quiet but nice guy. Nancy hasn’t watched the movie but she is watching reruns of Longmire.

    Big fan of Jason Gay. guess why. When we were at Mich. game last year he was giving a free lecture Fri. afternoon. Our choice was Jason or beers at the student union terrace. The beers were great.

    Hope you guys are surviving all this craziness. I’ve only been going out to go trout fishing. Really missed March Madness. Stay healthy, Jim

    • Stevie says:

      I should have known you would be a fan of Once Upon a Time! We watch Longmire and that’s good. Unlike Out West. Haha. Your comments have made my day. Thanks!

  3. Stevie says:

    I am sure I nodded off also whenever Sister Mother Margaret Mary lectured. Can’t wait to see what circle you are deciding you’re in!

  4. Sarah says:

    I am soooo glad you decided not to give up your blog!!!
    Now is the time when we really need you. You take us away from our everyday thoughts into your everyday thoughts which are , if you don’t mind my saying, so much more interesting! I now have to take down Dante from our shelf of Great Classics and do a wee bit of review of the circles because I must have been nodding off during Sister Mother Margaret Mary’s lecture in college. I will get back to you when I find my circle.

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