Toilet Paper Dreams

I had a dream about toilet paper.  I was in a grocery store and there was only toilet paper stacked floor to ceiling. I decided if you’re dreaming about toilet paper it’s definitely a sign not to give up your blog.  When I started this blog 6 years ago, it was all about moving to Portland and our adventures surrounding that.  It turns out it was genius to make a friend in the toilet paper business so we have no worries in that department.  Another sign to keep writing is that focusing on your health is not all it’s cracked up to be.  Distraction is good.  Especially now.

I received this package at my front door.  It was from my neighbor, so thoughtful! Don’t we have enough to worry about without worrying about toilet paper? Take sports.  I pretty much plan my life over sports.  I know this is not normal but I also know I am not alone.  So first, my very favorite tournament of the year was cancelled.  March Madness.  I pretty much watch all the games, I love how each team desperately wants to win and get into that Final Four.  And my team had a chance.  So instead of watching the finals of the March Madness tournament last weekend, we were out scrubbing  our deck on our hands and knees.  Then the Masters Golf Tournament was postponed.  I tell you it’s just pure torture.  But a little ray of sunshine to look forward to as today I had an appointment with my doctor who was in the National Squash tournament a few weeks ago in Minneapolis, MN.  She and her partner came in second place and when I grilled her on her strategy and will to win, she promised to send me the video of her playing.  I am very excited and I hope it took them three sets to clinch second place.  I am now reduced to watching my doctor play squash.  If you would like to see it, I can ask her if I can send you the link.

I thought sports was going to be the worst for me but the soap opera I watch, “The Bold and the Beautiful” just announced they were going to stop production for the time being.  I am crushed.  Will Sally actually die?  Where did that nasty Thomas go and will Quinn blow up Brooke and Ridge’s marriage and ruin Katie in the process?  How much loss can a person take?

When I  went for a walk this past weekend I heard two women behind me talking.  One of them was talking about her healthy diet and complaining about all the people eating junk and the disgusting things she sees them putting in their grocery carts.  What’s it to her?  She was obviously feeling pretty superior to people just trying to put some semblance of happiness into their otherwise pretty miserable lives right now.  How judgmental can you be?  When you’re stuck at home and maybe surrounded by bored kids who you now have to home school while also working yourself, who cares if you buy extra bags of Cheetos and chips, cookies and fruit loops? Anything to keep the kiddies happy.  I am enclosing this link of an Italian mother who isn’t coping all that well.   Or even if you’re there with just your husband, a bowl of ice cream is pretty wonderful.  This too shall pass, I’ll get my sports and soap opera back and then everyone will go on a diet.

Today I am cleaning out my refrigerator.

How are you coping? And what was the hardest thing for you to give up?

8 thoughts on “Toilet Paper Dreams

  1. Ann Marie says:

    Just finished cleaning out my refrigerator too! We’re on the same wave length! Stay safe😀

  2. covingtoncottage says:

    Honey, we are doing just fine during the Corona quarantine. Today we dusted all of the plants. In the garden. Tomorrow we are going to alphabetize our spices then see how many tablespoons of water are in the pool. Just fine, we are! Keep writing. You make me laugh.

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  3. Liz Heery says:

    So glad to hear from you! Your toilet paper dream reminded me of a friend who sent me a cute quote from her granddaughter (not sure if it was her or her friend). Grandmother was putting on her lipstick in the bathroom in front of the mirror. Granddaughter asks: Aren’t you going to kiss the toilet paper?
    Keep up the good humor. It’s good for your health!

  4. Susan says:

    Love the blogs. Keep it up. Suggestion for April — I love the pic of you kids dressed up for Sunday Mass.

  5. Leslie Russell says:

    So glad to read your story as I would have missed your sense of humor this month!! We bought a new garage door and opener, so we were forced to clean out the garage. I might add that it has never been used to house our cars! I’ll have to send you a picture of our driveway sometime!! Looks like we will have to order a dumpster! 😫

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