The Fat Lady Sings

Have you ever wondered where the expression “It’s Not Over Till the Fat Lady Sings” comes from?  How it came to signify the end of something?  I found the following online:  The origin is sort of up in the air, but most entries have to do with a particular basketball game between the San Antonio Spurs and Washington Bullets in 1978.   Sportscaster Dan Cook said it on television  when the San Antonio Spurs were behind in a playoff series with the Washington Bullets.  The Washington Bullets’ coach, Dick Motta, repeated it and was widely quoted by the media.  By the time the Bullets came from behind to win the finals that year, the saying was on thousands of T-shirts, “fat ladies” were coming to games to cheer the team on, and the proverb’s popularity was firmly cemented.

Why the opera reference?  Again, another theory is our stereotype of the female opera singer is that she’s hefty and usually has a horned helmet.  Well anyway, that’s what I think of.

I hate to say it but the Fat Lady is Singing and telling me it’s time to end my blog.  I so appreciate all my readers and the great comments I’ve gotten over the years.  I started this blog 6 years ago when we first moved to Portland.  I recorded my many adventures and discoveries moving to a place where we knew next to no one.  It was frightening but what an experience.  We would definitely do it again.  Eventually the blog evolved and I guess you could say it’s evolving again.

It turns out I am not quite out of the woods as far as my health is concerned and I need to concentrate on that.  I love to write about funny and uplifting things, not to mention all the blogs where I’ve made fun of that guy in the picture standing next to me.  Lately, those things are hard to come by.  So thank you for making time for me in your busy lives, I truly enjoyed it.

8 thoughts on “The Fat Lady Sings

  1. Laura richmond says:

    I so enjoyed your stories…you are a talented very creative lady….I understand your reasoning for this break….I’ll continue my prayers and send you love. You know what a special friend I find in you…love your humor and spunk….just a all around wonderful lady….know you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers….laura

  2. Will Brown says:

    Hi Stevie, Well, best of luck and I’ve enjoyed reading them. Please, every now and then drop a note–you have my email. I promise I’ll answer.
    So do take care and keep in touch.

  3. Michael Bender says:

    I’ve read all your blogs. What a treat, Stevie. Thank you so much.

    Howdy to Tom and kiddos.

    Michael Bender

  4. Diane Fair Hunter says:

    It has always been fun to read your blogs and the humor that you could twist into them. Take care of yourself, first, and then be sure to let our high school group hear from you periodically. You know that our thoughts and prayers are with you while you are enduring your medical challenges.

  5. Leslie Russell says:

    You two are a great looking couple!
    Your blogs were always fun to read and I always looked forward to seeing them in my mailbox.
    Many positive thoughts coming your way!!!

  6. Liz Heery says:

    Healing thoughts coming your way always. Love the picture. Is it in Marin? Absolutely fabulous!♥️❤️🙏👍

  7. Kimberly Schifrin says:

    Stevie. You are ever present in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck with the ongoing medical challenges. By the way, you two are quite the handsome couple in this picture. Hi to Tom. Liz or Diane probably told you that I have moved into a Town Home I have owned since 2005, Now that mom is gone and Bob Johansen wants to sell the Walnut Creek home that I and my brother, Jon, have been living in,it seemed to be a good time. The location is Seatac,WA. So, maybe we can get a group together in the great North West when things calm down. xoxo, Kim Schifrin

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