A Pescatarian High Tea

Was it real or a dream?  If it was a dream, it was a good one.  We were in the car driving to Port Townsend WA to spend the night, then on to Port Angeles the next morning to catch the ferry to Victoria BC.  We were getting away for a long weekend.  When we arrived in Port Townsend, I knew it wasn’t a dream.  Apparently we were the only ones among our friends who had never been to Victoria so we had lots of information on places to see, where to eat and where to stay.  We were set.

The ferry trip was an hour and a half and when we landed, the scenery was awe inspiring.  We were staying about an hour away at Sooke Harbor and when Tom went to put the address into Google Maps, our phones didn’t work.  We had no service and were on our own.  Remember those days?  Luckily Tom has a map in his head.  As we went along, Tom got into a left hand lane to turn and I said, ” wait, my instinct is to turn right.”  He just looked at me. “Thank goodness you’re not driving, we’re trying to go toward the water, not away from it.”    There is no map in my head.

The Sooke Harbor House where we stayed was wonderful.  However, we had to go back into Victoria to see the City and have dinner at an Italian restaurant that many of our friends recommended.  Since it was our anniversary, it seemed the perfect place to eat, an intimate romantic place.  Victoria was very busy when we got there, people everywhere and crowded.  A little overwhelming.  Then we found out it was a holiday weekend.  Did you know that Canadian Thanksgiving is on October 14th?  Neither did we.

We found the restaurant in a cozy little alley.  So far so good.  Once inside our anticipation of a quiet intimate dinner disappeared.  The place was huge and it was packed.  The servers all had to be thin or they would never have gotten through the narrow aisle.  The service was very, very efficient.  No sooner than we sat down, we had menus and water.  That was quickly followed by bread and then the server ready to take our order.  Hearing was difficult.  The food came fast.  It was good, but…not the dinner we had in mind.  “Let’s pretend our anniversary is tomorrow night when we’re back at the Sooke Harbor House” I said.  “Good idea” Tom said.

Victoria is famous for Butchart Gardens and once again all of our friends who had been there said it was a must see.  We were also encouraged to have the High Tea at the gardens.  As I’ve never experienced a High Tea before, it sounded like fun so we did.  And so glad we did.  The Tea was in a beautiful room and we got a perfect table right by the window.  Our sever explained the protocol, we were to get everything on the menu, we only had to choose our tea.  Everything sounded so good and we were definitely going to get a lot of food.  Then another couple came in and sat at the table directly behind me.  As they were ordering, I heard them make a lot of substitutions.  Finally the server, who didn’t miss a beat said “Okay, I have one Vegan High Tea and one Pescatarian High Tea.”  She acted like she knew exactly what a Pescatarian was!  I had never heard the term before and believe me, I really thought I had heard it all.

It was the perfect getaway before the final phase of treatment and I highly recommend everyone go there!

4 thoughts on “A Pescatarian High Tea

  1. JJ says:

    Our daughter Jen and new hubby Mark are both Pescatarians!! Agh! We had the same initial thought as you ddI!! WHAT THE HECK!??
    You can imagine how thrilled Dan is when cooking for them!
    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Karelyn Kark Lacher says:

    Good Morning, Stevie, Your new post about High Tea was lovely. So glad you are feeling well and writing again. I’m sorry to hear about all the high winds and forest fires on the west coast. I have relatives in the Santa Cruz area. Their electricity has been off and on at three times recently…..scary. Hope everyone gets relief soon! At least their area hasn’t had the fires yet. Our weather is much colder now with temps at night in the 20s. Leaves are falling off the trees and there are snow flakes in the air. My grandson is a junior in high school and plays football for the Blue Earth Bucs! It has been so much fun following the games. We wrap up in our blankets, winter coats, scarves and mittens these last few games. Lots of excitement now with the playoffs. Keep those stories coming. Take good care of yourself. God is good! Hugs… Love, Karelyn

  3. Donald Dobie says:

    I would have bought you folks, a cup of tea or coffee while you were in Port Townsend. Don Dobie

  4. Tassy Menudier says:

    Dear Stevie, What a wonderful story! I am glad that you made it to Victoria, it is really lovely and Butchart Gardens is magical, especially in spring! Next time I am there I will have tea. Your treatments are coming to an end it sounds like and your Thanksgiving will be extra thankful for sure. You are a cancer champion! Our power just came back on so I wanted to respond before it goes off again! Maybe I could come up and visit you in the new year.? I am in the midst of estate stuff, oh joy….family….. anyway, thank you for your funny stories during a very unfunny siege. Like I said, you are a heroine! Much loved by all! Love, tassy Ps, your knight errant is exemplary! Gotta find me one!

    Sent from my iPad


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