Just Along For the Ride

What to do when you get that scary cancer diagnosis?  Why not that very thing you have thought about  for years but have just never gotten around to?    Well, guess what.  A scary cancer diagnosis is the best motivator there is.  Now or maybe never.  There are so many things I have learned and experienced throughout this whole process that in writing them down, I realized it would take more than one blog and why not start with motivation and Super Hero’s?

It takes a whole team.  The doctors, the nurses, family and friends and especially Tom.    All my doctors and the nurses were superheros but this one actually dressed the part. I stayed overnight in the hospital after my first and second surgeries.  All the rooms in the hospital are private, much to my delight as I fully expected to be in a room with someone else.  I had experienced that in CA after my former go around with cancer and it didn’t go well, so I was dreading the roommate part.  After the first surgery, he was wearing this red superhero outfit and after the second one he had on his black superhero outfit.  Humor is a  great distraction and a super way to heal.  Thank you Steven for making me smile.


I have always wanted to write a family cookbook and now was my chance.  I decided to combine the book with a memoir and to include both my family and Tom’s.  Memories, stories and recipes consumed me in between chemo treatments.  Sometimes I didn’t feel like working on it but  with the help of a very creative and patient friend of Tom’s in Ohio,  lots of laughs, remembering old stories, food mishaps, recipes and stories coming in from the extended family, and months of work, it got finished!  Two of my previous blogs had stories that are in the book:  My Favorite Memory of my Mom and My Favorite Memory of my Dad. When I finished it,  no one was more surprised than me.  It ended up to be 272 pages and was published by Heritage Cookbook Publishers based out of Canada.  I am not selling it, it’s just for the family but I hope it’s a book that will be cherished by everyone and we have all learned a little bit more about each other.  For any family members reading this and wondering where their book is, patience is a virtue!  Of course now I’m wondering what’s next?

I have a whole list of other things that a scary cancer diagnosis has taught and given me.  Stay tuned.  Has anyone out there written a cookbook?  How about another kind of book?

8 thoughts on “Just Along For the Ride

  1. Sharon Carlson says:

    Hey Stevie!
    I hadn’t checked out StevieWrites for a while, and was thinking I wanted to re-read the Flat Tire in Scotland story for a few grins, only to find out here what’s been happening with you. We are so glad you are doing fine! Keep up the good work!

    What a nice idea to write a cookbook-memory book. I’m sure it is fantastic.

    I don’t have the food channel, but have been watching Chef shows (I don’t like the British baking ones though) on Netflix and Youtube. Addicting! (Yes, another exclamation mark)

    Anyway, watch for a holiday card in the mail. The house on it is one Bob designed for a spec builder (friend) in Truckee, which apparently is the tony place to live these days.


  2. Jim Mulkey says:

    Dear Cousin, so glad you are doing well. You are right, so many times using Mom or Dad’s recipies have triggered mostly great memories. You are amazing, keep up the great attitude and positive Karma. PS, we were at the Wisc.-Mich. game. I’m sure Tom was watching. Amazing! We had great meals at Dottie’s, Old Fashioned, and Brat House. I’m sure you’ve been there. Stay strong, proud of you as would Mon and Aunt Peg, best regards. Jim

    • Stevie says:

      Hi Jim,

      Thank you for the wonderful note. Do you know that I miss your mom and dad to this day. They were by far my favorite aunt and uncle. Tom’s too. Yes, Tom was pretty excited about that game!

  3. Will Brown says:

    Hi Stevie, I’m so glad your are doing well. What a wonderful idea to combine recipes from your family and friends with the stories that go along. Often when I make something my mother made, I’ll think of the times she did and the love she put into it. How great for your family to have this momentum. Thanks for carrying on!

  4. Rebecca Benoit says:

    Good for you love – I’ve often read of people talking about the ‘gift’ or even the ‘sweetness’ of cancer along these lines of pushing them to do things they’ve been putting off, mend fences, live richer etc. Thank you for writing this for the rest of us to push to make these moves without having to go through the terrible fire you have been enduring. I admire your courage and steady smile through this ordeal – well done my friend. Thank you!

    • Stevie says:

      Thank you Rebecca. Yes, I have learned a lot. Don’t put off things you really want to do but are too busy doing the laundry! So many more things, mostly you have more friends than you ever imagined.

  5. Susan Blevins says:

    Dearest Stevie, You continue to amaze. You are such an inspiration to me in so many ways. 272 pages?! You are an incredible cook – and storyteller. Can’t wait for the next addition and to see you in the not-too-distant future. Always, Susan

  6. karelynk says:

    Stevie, What a great idea to write a cook book and add family stories. Hope you are also getting lots of rest. Take care. Love,KarelynSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

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