Don’t Read That Book!

The first few chapters of the book put me into a tailspin.  A very kind neighbor bought the book for me after checking to see that I wanted it.  I knew nothing about the author but apparently he has been on all the talk shows touting his “cure” for cancer through diet.  His cancer was diagnosed and the tumor removed.  When his doctor recommended chemotherapy, he went into rebellion mode and decided he could cure himself through his diet.

What set me into the tailspin was my own stage 4 cancer had just been diagnosed and I was on an aggressive chemotherapy program.  The first chapters of the book trashed the medical field for corruption, doctors for scaring us into chemotherapy to make money and  poisoning us for an extra two or three months of life.  Wow!  I had never experienced doctors like this and felt that my doctor actually cared what happened to me.  Was this my outcome?  An extra two or three months of life for total misery?  I put the book aside, upside down in a dark room so I wouldn’t even see it.

Several months later, I am in a much better place and wanted to see what the diet he was talking about actually was.  So I got the book back out of the dark room.  Let’s just say it would be very hard to do.  Raw food, tons of juice.  For instance every day make carrot juice from 5 pounds of organic carrots, gingerroot, beetroot, celery and etc.  You should drink eight, 8oz glasses every hour of the day.  He turned orange, but not to worry, it will go away.  Other things were easier but not in the volumns he suggested.  There were ingredients I have never heard of and I’m a cook.  But, can I have cookies?  I really like cookies.  How about ice cream?  Sadly, no. This diet would consume your life.  It would be really, really hard to do.  You’d spend the entire day in the kitchen trying to make the things he wants you to eat, not to mention trying to find the ingredients required.  I’m sure it’s really good for you, but what about actual life?  Friends, family, movies, dinners out, aren’t these important for your well being?  Especially when you’re going through cancer?

My doctor has given me good news and says I am one of the 20% who is on the path to “cure.”  I really like my doctor, she has a sense of humor and spends as much time with me as I need.  All my doctors do.  I feel really good about where I am.  I’ve decided not to read any more books and to stay off the internet.  It’s not good for you.  Do you agree?  Or are you one of the persons who has to research everything?  I’d love to hear opinions.

12 thoughts on “Don’t Read That Book!

  1. Rosi says:

    Hi Stevie🌺

    I think of U often and include U in my 🙏🏼.
    I like to have access to the internet regarding a health condition I may be having. However, once I read about it, have an understanding, I then turn to my DR for a Q and answer time! I think it’s really important to have an two way open communication w/UR DR. TRUST and knowing my DR is looking at all options insures me she is looking out for my welfare. It sounds like U have a great team of DR’s caring for U👍🏼. Hearing about UR 20% news is so uplifting to hear. Take care and know there are lots of us sending U inner strength and positive healing❣️

  2. Karelyn says:

    You are doing so well with your wonderful doctor who has done so many good things for you with good results! I am adding many prayers for a successful recovery!

  3. Selena Doman says:

    Hi Stevie,
    We Domans continue to think of you regularly and are always sending well wishes your way. Im so glad to hear you are responding so well to your treatments! I so admire how bravely and practically you’ve faced all of this that has come your way. The fact that you are in the 20% is a strong validation of how you have managed it all, physically, mentally, emotionally. I have watched, been inspired and doubted that I could ever be as strong and positive. All I would say is listen to your intuition… about what to read, what to eat, how much to trust your docs,… As an exception, If you’re having doubts about your intuition, maybe push yourself out of your comfort zone a little further and try to consider new ideas a little longer… looking for some things you can agree with even if you don’t buy the whole enchilada. I have personally found some helpful information by searching symptoms on the internet and reading about the experiences and suggestions of others. But obviously it was nothing as serious as cancer. So yeah, intuition.😍 Sending love! Selena

    • Stevie says:

      Thank you Selena, I so appreciate everyone’s support. That’s a huge part of the fight. And you’re correct, if you are questioning something, the internet can be a big help.

  4. Ann Spencer says:

    My dear Stevie, so happy you’re in the 20%! Being something of a hypochondriac, I’ve scared myself witless over the years with Internet research. I finally wised up and quit. I’m also tempted to say that I would mistrust anything that turns a person orange.

    • Stevie says:

      Haha Ann, you are so right about that orange color! That was my thought too and it didn’t seem to bother the author at all. I’m glad you wised up about all that research as it can really put you somewhere you’d rather not be.

    • Will Brown says:

      Hi Stevie, The good news is you’re in the top 20%. However, we knew that! Glad you’re on your way to recovery. Will

  5. Rebecca Benoit says:

    So wonderful to hear the good 20% news here Stevie!!

    Re: doing your own research/following books/internet – my husband does it all the time. Makes me crazy though I can understand his wanting to circumvent the ‘for profit’ model of medical care and pharma in this country. We compromise, trying some of the things he reads about, but also doing Western.

    Bottom line – I’ll take quality over quantity of life any day and giving up so many things I love and obsessing about my diet or exercise or radiation levels from cell phones – just. no.

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