A Used Pair of Shoes

They were actually nice shoes.  I don’t know what he’s complaining about.  Our son gave me a very nice Nespresso machine which froths my milk for coffee beautifully for Christmas. I love frothed milk in my coffee and I had an old, very loud froth machine which took forever and sometimes didn’t even froth the milk at all.  But because he spent so much money on that Nespresso, Max decided his dad could use a pair of his old shoes which he explained he only wore once so they were just like brand new.  I thought that was a great solution.  Probably not Tom’s style but his style could use a change.  This could be a whole new Tom.

Tell me what you think of the shoes and if you received something used for Christmas!


13 thoughts on “A Used Pair of Shoes

  1. Janet Bastien says:

    I say good lookin styling shoes!!! Are we lucky to get anything from our kids🤔😩🤣

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  2. Julie says:

    I like those shoes quite a bit. They look to be young men’s shoes which is certainly a compliment to Tom. Are they Tom’s size? That might be key

  3. John Doman says:

    I like the shoes……if they fit I’d find them better than a new milk frother….which I would never use.

    See you tomorrow for coffee….frothed or not.


  4. Janna Muse says:

    Stevie, I love, love the shoes. They look brand new. Actually, I think Tom would look very dapper in the shoes.!!!

  5. will Brown says:

    Nespresso pods are so expensive–At Bed Bath and Beyond they have Espresso pods for half the price.
    It’s not the shoes, it’s the man who wears them.
    Hope you are all well and your New Year is great.


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