What! I’m President of Everything?

2015-04-24 10.12.21


The current president of Newcomers Club has had the gall to leave in the middle of her term.  Just because I was First Vice President didn’t mean I have to become president, right?  Well, apparently I didn’t make a strong enough argument and now I am President.  It was so easy getting elected President by our 30 person board.  I didn’t even have to campaign.  Eat your heart out Hillary Clinton.  I am also in charge of the bocce group.  I’m supposed to have a partner, but…And also a writing group, but that one is easy.  I don’t really feel like I’m in charge, everyone contributes.  I just happened to start it.

Now however, I am going to tell you a story.  We are starting to landscape our back yard.  Sincbare back yarde this is a new development, there is nothing there.

We know we’re putting in a bocce court right below the rock wall. back yard

My story is about a fairy.  My daughter, husband and our 3 year old twin granddaughters were coming to visit over Memorial Day weekend.  I am putting in a fairy garden as I had seen one at a friend’s and loved it.  It’s like playing with a dollhouse all over again.  I bought a cottage and a chicken coop with 3 little chickens in it at a nursery here.  fairy house I knew the twins would want to play with the cottage and chickens as they are just sitting on our back deck.  So I came up with this story


One day Mimi and Papa were out in back getting our yard ready to put in our plants.  Papa was digging up rocks and I was stuck pulling weeds.  All of a sudden Papa shouted:  “Mimi” come here!”  As I was really only half interested in the weeds, I rushed over hoping for some excitement.  Papa was speechless and could only point into the hole he had just dug.  I looked into the hole and there at the bottom was a tinyfairy fairy, covered in dirt.  She was blinking her eyes, trying to get the dirt out.  Her hair was all matted and I couldn’t tell the color as it was full of dirt.  Her clothes were torn and dirty.  She stopped blinking and she gave a hesitant smile.  “Hello” she said.  “Thank you for uncovering me, I have been waiting for you.”

 “Oh”, I said, still in shock.  “Are you ok?  What is your name?”  “I am ok now,” she said.  “The big machines moving all the dirt, covered me up and I could breathe because I was in the curve of a rock but couldn’t get out.  My name is Kenlia.”  “Kenlia?”  I said, “that sounds like our granddaughter’s names put together.   What can we do for you?”  Papa was finally getting over his surprise and said “yes, whatever you want.”  “I would like a garden,” she said.  “A garden with a house of my own and some chickens to keep me company.”  “Yes!, we can do that” I said.  “What will you be doing while we are making your garden?”  “I will be waiting for my new home,  you won’t be able to see me, but I will be here.”  And with that Kenlia disappeared.fairy garden

 I have been dealing with a bloggers block.  Trying to figure out where to go with my blog and I finally have an idea.  It won’t be children’s stories!  I have to brainstorm my idea and will let you know in my next post what I have come up with.  Meanwhile, do you have an idea for me?

7 thoughts on “What! I’m President of Everything?

  1. Philip Terry says:

    You are doing fine with your blog. Being in the moment and following your life is both interesting and fun. Since I know you some I can fill in the blanks but what I find most interesting is the fact that you are confronted and respond to obstacles and opportunities so much differently than I do that it causes me to think. Keep up the good work – a blog entry about writers block and what goes through your mind would be interesting.

    • Stevie says:

      Thank you Phil. I am thinking about delving deeper into what has prompted people of mostly our age group to change everything. I have a list of prospects for that and would maybe do an interview. What do you think of that idea?

    • Philip Terry says:

      I would be interested in the writers group but the commute is daunting. You do real well with your subjects and words. I write too so I can appreciate a well turned phrase of a subtle nuance especially with humor.

  2. Jim Mulkey says:

    Stevie, it was nice to read a post where neither you or Tom was getting lost in the hinter land. I was kind of wondering if you had any adult supervision. I would like to hear how your landscaping project is coming from time to time. Maybe you should hangout at Lowes and troll for a Yard Crashers guy.

    • Stevie says:

      Ha Ha, yes I have learned my way around the hinterland. We put a bunch of plants in on a Friday and Saturday it was 103, Sunday, 103 degrees and in the 90’s for a few more days. Some burnt leaves, but I think they made it through. However, today it hailed!

  3. Susanne Kepford says:

    Gee, Stevie. You had at least volunteered to be vice-president, unlike some who had just joined the group. Have fun!

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