Why Can’t I Find Target?

2015-04-24 10.12.21We’ve moved!  Mostly unpacked and I needed to go to Target.  Tom and I had been there a few times already, so I knew right where it was.  “I’m going to Target” I tell Tom.  “Do you know how to get there?” he asks.  Tom asks this because he was with me when I couldn’t find my way out of the parking garage at our apartment building downtown.  It took three times and the garage is not big.  “Of course I know, because we’ve been there.  I know exactly where it is.”  “Ok, see you later.” he says with doubt on his face.

carI head to Target which is a couple miles away and go down the street I know it’s on.  It’s not there.  I’m sure this is the street, positive.  Where did it go?  Frustrated, I am determined to find it.  I am not calling Tom.  I finally find it on another street completely.  They moved!  How could they possibly move in three days?  And why would they move from a perfectly good location to this one?

When I get home, Tom says “Did you find Target ok?”  “Yes, but you won’t believe this, they moved the store.”  “What?”  “Yes, they moved the store to an entirely different location in just 3 days.  It’s a miracle.”  He rudely rolls his eyes.  “We’ll go there tomorrow and I’ll show you how to get there.”  Fast forward to tomorrow.  We get in the car and when we get to the highway, he goes straight instead of right where I know you go.  “Why are we going this way?” I asked.  “It’s the back way, I’m taking you the back way.”  “I don’t want to go the back way,” I screamed.  “I don’t know the front way, I want to go the front way! I’ll go the back way when I’ve learned the front way, I might not go the back way for several years.”  Why does he do this, doesn’t he know it confuses me?!

Back to unpacking boxes which I’m much better at.  It’s like Christmas every day since these boxes have been in storage for 4 years.  Tom was sure that after downsizing twice, most of the things in these boxes we’d want to keep.  I was pretty sure we’d still have a lot of things we didn’t want.  He was right as usual.  I mean, how can you possibly get rid of something like this?

bunnyMax made this when he was in first grade.  Now isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

Am I the only one so challenged by finding my way around?  Surely I have company out there?

6 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Find Target?

  1. Kimberly Schifrin says:

    Ha ha ha ha, Kim. Been there . Done that. I have become my mother. She found Nean Marcus in Walnut Creek, but not my house (3x’s)

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