Finding My Chakra

2015-04-24 10.12.21

The air permeates it,  Portland pulsates with it.  Everyone is either looking for or releasing their Chakra.   Walking down the streets, there are shops that invite you to come in for help in finding it, or fixing it.   In my quest to fit into my new State of Oregon, I figured I’d better find mine.  But wait.  In order to find it you have to know what it is, and I didn’t have a clue.

Portland is the place Al Gore famously came to find or release his.  If Algore came here to find his, it must be pretty important .  If Portland is where he came, then Portland must be the center of the Chakra Universe.

When you google Chakra, a million things come up, once again pointing out it’s importance.  Turns out there are seven centers of spiritual power in the human body and if any one of them is out of whack, you’re in trouble.  Wikipedia says Chakra is an energy point or node in the subtle body.  If that isn’t confusing enough, blocked Chakra is bad for your health.  I needed to find mine!

Where to look?multnomah falls

2015-03-27 11.02.14 Nature seemed to be the most likely.  But I didn’t feel  different after the fact.  Astoria beer I might have felt differently after several of these, but I don’t think that’s what’s known as Chakra.  I did run into someone who looked like he was very in tune with his:  toga guy


I know you can hire somebody to find or release yours like Mr. Gore did, but I wanted to find mine all on my own.  Waaay more of a challenge.

Then it happened.  Where did this miracle happen?  Not in nature, not in the Chakra shops of Portland, but at a sporting event, a Timbers Soccer game!  Timbers Army We got Corporate tickets and Tom talked me into going.  Remember my dissing of soccer in my last blog? ( What I said was:  soccer, really?)   It was a crazy sold out fun atmosphere.  The mountain and trees are the Timbers Army with their placards (think of a college football game with a lot of beer drinking, screaming at the refs, etc), but still able to hold up their cards in unison.  Timbers goal This is an actual Timbers fan with a tree in the stadium.  He has a chainsaw and saws off a section of tree after a goal.  When the chainsaw started, it hit me.  This was it.  Total Chakra!

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