Jon and Andy

2015-04-24 10.12.21

Several months ago our small apartment started to drive me crazy.   Tom and I were together every single day.  All day.  Together.  One of us needed to get a job.  I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to be me.

For quite a while now, Tom has been driving a shuttle for Mini Cooper of Portland.  It’s a perfect job for him as there is almost nothing he likes more than talking and now he has a captive audience.

Meet Tom’s two bosses, Jon and Andy:Jon and Andy

It’s the invasion of the millenials and it’s not as scary as it looks! Jon is 25 and sings in a Death Metal Band  I really hope you click on this link!     He really wants us to come to one of his “concerts”, but I draw the line at mosh pits.  Andy is 23 and describes himself thusly:  King of Lions, Climber of Mountains, Racer of Motorcycles and most importantly, Thinker of Thoughts.

In our never ending quest for new experiences we went out to dinner (hot dogs) with Jon, Andy and Jon’s wife who until recently sported dred locks down to her waist.  It’s true, I saw the picture.  We went to a pub of course.  Andy, who had gotten there first had already finished eating by the time we arrived.  I had never met Jon but already knew Andy as we had gone out to dinner with him once before.  By now you are thinking we have gone off the deep end.  It’s very possible you’re correct.

We had fun!  Of course I had to tell both Jon and Andy to please take off their backwards baseball hats, thereby showing my generational bias.  But they whipped them off and we had lots of laughs. Andy and Jon

See what happens when you move and change your life completely?

Have you been to a death metal concert?  Would it be as awful as I imagine?  Who was your youngest or most interesting boss/supervisor?  The generations are different!  Does that affect anything?


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2 thoughts on “Jon and Andy

  1. Kim says:

    You two inspire me. You give” life is about change a whole new meaning”. Once again, Stevie, my new Erma Baumbeck. Hugs and NEED A NEW JAR OF the CREAM. Mom lives with me now. She stole what little I had left. Yes, she lives in Walnut Creek. Am sitting in a car in the rain in Rohnert Park however, while she plays bridge. With her old friends. We had to take the car away. OMG send energy and what patience you can spare. Kim S.

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