Stranger Danger


I was on the elevator in my apartment building on my way to the Lobby with a lunatic. He got in on the 5th floor.  I was by the buttons.  “Where are you going?” I asked.  He stared at the buttons and pressed P1 and P2.  Then a manic grin came over his face and he pushed me aside to press all the buttons.  “Stop!”  I said.  A little scuffle happened as I tried to keep him from pushing every button.  He grabbed my hand and yelled  “I love doing this!  I do this all day and you can’t stop me.  I am a native!”  “What the H**L does being a native have to do with anything?” I shouted.  Now the elevator was confused.  We were going down, but then the elevator started going up.  “It’s my way of meeting people!” I’m Rick, who are you?”  lit elevator buttons

Instead of going down, we started to go up.  The door opened on 3 and I jumped out.  A man was standing there ready to get on.  “Don’t get on that elevator!” I yelled.  He stared at me with eyes wide open.  The door closed.  I waited a minute and then pushed down again.  The man couldn’t take his eyes off of me.  “I was in the elevator with a lunatic” I said.  “We are all probably subsidizing his apartment.  Somehow he escaped and is now riding the elevator!”The other elevator opened, blessedly empty.  We got on, pushed L for lobby, and thankfully went right down.elevator lobby

Going from a normal, bucolic, quiet suburb to an apartment in the City has sure been fun!  You should try it.  Are there any of you out there with Stranger Danger stories?  I’d love to hear them.

I had a winner for my Final Four contest!  This very astute woman picked the Michigan State Spartans as the lowest seeded team that would make the Final Four.  She is now a winner!

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