Mum Mum Meltdowns


I, Stevie Serleth, am a Saint.  What elevates me to Sainthood in my mind?

Taking care of my 22 month old twin granddaughters for a week after Thanksgiving BY MYSELF is my qualification.  The nanny was out of town so I got the SOS call.  It wasn’t supposed to be this way.  Tom was going to be there also, but he got a job!  More on that at a different time.  He flew back to Portland on Monday morning leaving me all alone.

All I remember about Monday is storytime at the library and my phone call to Tom that night.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to make it the whole week.”  “Why not? you can do it.”  “It’s hard! (whining)  It’s only been one day and I’m exhausted! The one nap  lasted a half hour .  Tomorrow I have to get them to jumping jacks by 9:30.”  “But they get up at 6am.”  “That only leaves me 2 and a half hours to get them ready!”

Tuesday morning  I woke up and  felt like Sylvester Stallone in “Rocky.”  By 7am I had them in the highchairs for breakfast.  At 7:30 we went downstairs to get changed and dressed.  One in the crib while I’m changing and dressing the other.    Up the stairs.  It is now 8:30.  I only have another hour!  I am about to put one in the jumper while I get the other one up to the car.  Yes, 34 steps up to the car.  Wait, I smell poop.  Downstairs again to change diaper.   I take Olivia up to the car.  Mackenzie is sure I am never coming back and that at only 2 years old, I have already chosen Olivia  as my favorite.  She is wailing as I take Olivia to the car, get her in the car seat and throw the 25lb diaper bag on the floor.  Then I rush down to get Mackenzie and off we go.  Jumping jacks is only a mile away and I barely make it in time.  Out of the car with the double stroller, pouring rain and twins.

Jumping Jacks is an hour and when I finally get them, the stroller and the 25lb diaper bag in the car, I breathe a sigh of relief.  Then from the back seat:  “Mum Mums, mum mums, MUM MUMS!  Of course I don’t have any FREAKING! mum mums.  Mum mums are strawberry flecked wafers and unbeknownst to me, they are used to getting them after jumping jacks.  So we have a full-on Mum Mum meltdown all the way home.

When Katie and Drew get home from work  it’s total chaos  but thank goodness they are doing bedtime which takes a LONNNG time.   About dinner…  Katie:  “Mom you don’t have to make dinner, I’ll do it after we put them to bed.” Me in full martyr mode:  “Oh no Katie, I’ll do it.  No need for you to bother, I’m not the least bit tired.”

FIRST comes martyrdom and then comes Sainthood.

Just suffice it to say that Wednesday ended up badly.  Another rainy day, a play area at a shopping mall and one ceramic piggy bank shaped like a soccer ball shattered into a million pieces.  Why is there a kiosk right across from the play area selling these things in reach of small children?!  One will never know.

I think Thursday went pretty well because I can’t remember anything about it!  Only when Katie got home and said “Mom, you have a pajama top on Livvy.”  “What?  That’s a pajama top?  It looks so cute with her jeans, I thought it was just a cute long sleeved t-shirt.”  We both got a laugh out of that.

Tom flew back to SF that night and I was very happy to see him!  In fact, I put him in charge on Friday and went out to lunch with friends.  It was wonderful.

twins in a box Sept 2014Olivia and Mackenzie

About our Bend dilemma.  Most of you guessed we were going to move.  We are not.  We are staying in Portland at least for the time being.  Why?  We also love it here.  We have met so many nice people, there are tons of things to do, the food is great and most of all, Tom is working!  I can not interfere with that and believe me, I don’t want to!  Our marriage has been saved.

I am having a big January Clearance Sale this month.  Very good deals!  Also, if you “like” me on my Facebook page, “Stevie Sells Lipstick”  you will receive free shipping on your order!  What could possibly be better than that? Let me know if you want me to send you the sale.  Also, there are free signups to be a Distributor in January.  You too can have as much fun as I do.


Should I talk about Tom’s job in my next blog??  What do you think the piggy bank cost?

2 thoughts on “Mum Mum Meltdowns

  1. says:

    I can relate. I have 10-mo old Savannah 2-3 days a week. Last week she had just thrown up when Michelle brought her — and of course I was sick 36 hours later. This week if was a nasty cold, which I still haven’t gotten, thank goodness. She’s very active and starting to walk. But it makes for real bonding, and I’m sure we’ll be glad years from now. Glad to hear you’re doing well.

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