The Fruit Loop

CIMG1142“You have to do The Fruit Loop.”  So said by a Oregon native.  A collection of Organic farms, orchards, and fruit stands, located outside of the town of Hood River.  So we did.  A perfect Fall October day.  We drove 60 miles to Hood River.  A very chi chi town on the Columbia River.  We stopped downtown at tourist information to get a map.  They had real estate listings on the wall.  OH MY!  California prices!   Higher than Portland and Portland is the most expensive in the State.  Hood River is a wind surfing mecca set on the Columbia River and very picturesque.  Amazing the value that can be created by windsurfing…but that means it’s very windy and it snows!

The Fruit Loop wasn’t always The Fruit Loop.  Home to many farms and orchards, the enterprising farmers got together to see how they could make it a destination.  They succeeded!  On the map we got, there were at least 20 farms listed and their specialties, along with what they offer at their stands.  Pumpkin patches, apples, jams, pies, gourds, fabulous!


U-Pick or U just buy.  We ended up at a pumpkin patch that was framed by Mt Adams to the north (pictured below on the right) and Mt. Hood to the south (below on the left).  There were tons of people there and they even had a corn maze which Tom insisted we go into.  The corn maze was full of kids and us.  It was really there for the kids, so it was a perfect thing for Tom.

pumpkin patchMt Adams

The Maze is on the right in this picture. (Tom was disappointed because it wasn’t really a maze.  There was a one way path cut through the corn so even I couldn’t get lost)

That’s the joy of living in a new place.  Discoveries.  Everything is new and exciting and fun.  Makes me want to move to a new City every year!


Do you need to find some motivation on Monday?  I know I do.  From Real Simple Magazine in the September Issue:

Slap On Some Lipstick

It doesn’t require much to slap on some lipstick.  A 2011 study found that women who wore just a touch of makeup looked more competent.  It brightens your face!  Try a classic red, which has the power to make even a so-so outfit (the kind I wear all the time), look polished.


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