Pickle Backs and Roses


What do pickle backs and roses have in common?  Almost nothing except more new experiences in the City we are now calling home.  We’ve lived here three months now and I’ve already discovered the pickle back!  For those who have never heard of this and I was one, it is a shot of whiskey and a shot of pickle juice to chase it down.

This amazing concoction was found on the dessert menu at the River Pig, a saloon in downtown Portland.

river pig

What were two somewhat elderly (compared to the rest of the clientele) people doing in a place like this?  Tom and I were meeting the 25 year old daughter of a cousin of mine.  She moved from Minnesota to Portland for a new job about the same time we moved here.  Why the River Pig?  Small world:  we know the owner!  Shadi Hattar, a year older than our daughter Katie, went to the same high school she did.  He moved to Portland a couple years ago and just opened the tavern.  In fact, Tom and Shadi’s dad had tried to play match maker (best left to the women to handle), to get those two together.  Shadi

The River Pig is named after the men who poled the logs down river back when.  They were called river pigs.

After  assuring us he didn’t discriminate against old people we enjoyed buffalo burgers, beers, and a lot of laughs.  After the meal Shadi asked us if we wanted dessert.  “Dessert?  you serve dessert here?”  I asked.  He pointed to the menu.  Under the heading dessert, there were two items:  the pickle back and bread pudding!  Being the sneaky person he is, Shadi ordered a round of pickle backs for the table.  The rest is history, best not repeated.

Portland happens to be a city famous for roses.  We are in the midst of the Rose Festival, a week of celebrating the rose.  The week kicked off with the Starlight Parade, attended by thousands of people downtown.  Beginning at 8:30pm (it stays light here a long time), the parade and the City rocked.  I can only say  “I think I like it here.!”

apricot roses    r.garden   ro garden

toga guytToga Guy.

The toga guy was really enjoying himself.  I need a caption for the toga guy picture.  To that end I am giving away a lipstick from the colors below (your choice), to whoever comes up with the best caption.

???????????????????????????????Aussie Rose

Luv-itLuv It

oblong plum prettyPlum Pretty

pink plumeriaPink Plumeria

Strawberry ShortcakeStrawberry Shortcake

Good luck!  The winner will be announced in my next blog.

 purple roses


12 thoughts on “Pickle Backs and Roses

  1. Janet Bastien says:

    Nip and Tuck for the Toga guy!! What a parade and I bet he was one of many!! Love your blogs Stevie – quite a city eh?

  2. Barbara Basso says:

    Loved your blog also. Can I enter the contest twice?
    1 – These are my colors
    2 – Don’t send this picture to my mother
    Glad you and Tom are enjoying Portland. We miss you in California.
    Love, Barbara

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