Oh City Life, New Life


“This may be your last day on this Earth.”

Where were we?  Just minding our own business at the Portland DMV.  Our numbers clutched in hand and nervously studying the rules and regulations of the road for the written test.DMV Was this guy serious?  He had walked through the door, stopped in front of another man (obviously not his best friend), and threatened him?

No government institution brings out the murderous instincts in people more than the DMV.  Usually it’s the bureaucrat behind the counter reveling in his power over you that brings it out.  But back to our friend who then calmly walked up to the counter, took his number and sat down.  No reaction either from the man whose last day on Earth it was!  After that the test seemed like no big deal.  I passed it and shockingly the vision test too.  Standards are indeed not high.

Familiarity breeds security and I don’t have that right now.  One of my biggest fears is driving in unfamiliar places.  Part of it is that I can’t see, so street signs are a mystery.  As is the concept of North, East, South and West.  I happily let Tom drive everywhere.  But I knew that couldn’t last forever…

The day arrived.  I wanted to go to Uwajimaya, a fish market in Beaverton.  Tom said he would go along, but I needed to drive.  Down we went to the parking garage.parking garageDid I mention I hate parking garages?  Backing out was no problem, but where was the exit?  I circled once.  Tom said “you missed the exit.”  Alright, I’d find it the second time around.  Nope.  Tom:  “you missed the exit.”  “Well, where is it?”  I asked.  He was not happy.  “You have been down here a hundred times!  You figure it out, I am not telling you.”  His jaw was tightening, and I started laughing.  Third time around, I am looking into every nook and cranny there is and I can’t find it!  Now he was so mad, I was crying with laughter.  “Stop the car! Think about how we get in here.”  Then it dawned on me, I need to go through the gates of the building lot into the Safeway lot and out.  Crises over.  Once out, it was easy.  Now that I can find my way out of the garage, I get to go by myself the next time.

Being uncomfortable in a new situation reminds me of starting with SeneGence.  I loved their LipSense Lipsticks and finally decided to sell them.clip_image002_0004  But I was the kind of person who wore very little makeup and never thought about it.  So a Cosmetic Company was very new and uncomfortable for me.  I had to learn a lot, get my feet wet and make mistakes.  The thought of someone asking me what color they should wear terrified me!  How do I know?  Do I look like I know what color you should wear? I don’t know what color I should wear!  I felt like I was in a parking garage.

I have learned a lot.  Now I can (pretty much) tell what color you should wear and learned some makeup tricks which I am most happy to share!  I have only learned the simple ones, I am still pretty informal when it comes to makeup.

The lesson here is just to get into the car and drive.

Do you have any experiences with something completely new and out of your comfort zone?  Please!  Share them with me and how you dealt with them.  I can use all the driving tips I can get.

2 thoughts on “Oh City Life, New Life

  1. Kim says:

    Stevie, you need to write a comedy. I think you are the next Irma Bambeck. You are a talented story teller. Anyway, glad you found your way out and we don’t have to sing “will she ever return”. Hi to Tom. Hi to Sharon(don’t know her married name)Bechold. Hugs and good luck to youl, Kim Schifrin.

    • Stevie says:

      I have a long way to go to fill Irma’s shoes! Thanks for the compliment. Sharon didn’t change her name so it is still Bechtold.

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