Shake it Up


Growing up, I looked at adults as having it made!  Stay up late, watch whatever you wanted on TV, have dinner parties.  Kids had all the problems!  I usually got these thoughts when writing 100 times on the blackboard: ” I will pay attention in class”.  This was done at recess of course under the watchful eye of Sister Mary Ave Maria.  Or when making a fool out of myself over a boy that had less than zero  interest in me. He of course was flattered that I would do such a thing for his benefit. But when you got old (50). it would be all beaches, golfing, traveling,and not a care in the world.

Boy, was I misinformed!  If only.  But what would life be like if it were perfect?

After 36 years of living in California, Tom and I are shaking it up!  Two years ago we sold our big house in Larkspur (3000 sq feet), rented a small house in Napa, Ca (1500 sq feet), and are now moving to a one bedroom loft (950 sq feet), in downtown Portland, Oregon! museum place

We are leaving at the end of February and up to our elbows in boxes.  Why am I writing this blog?  My husband just asked me that question. He thinks I should be getting ready for our big garage sale on Saturday, and I should!  I won’t be here all day on Friday and I’m surrounded by stuff that needs to be priced and sorted.  It’s called “PROCRASTINATION!  The weather forecast for Saturday?  The first major rain storm of the winter…

My solution for weather and all major life events is a new color of lipstick.  These days when I don’t have time to put on makeup, I put on the lipstick and mascara and I’m good to go!  Lipstick is a cure all.  It brightens your face and your mood!  I am curious.  What do men do for their perk me up?  Let me know!

For those customers of mine who are following me, I am giving you a free tick on your virtual lipstick card and also to any new followers.  Didn’t know you had a virtual lipstick card?  I always like to flatter myself that all my customers open all my emails.  I fear that is not the case.  If you missed that email, I started a loyalty program last August.  For every full priced lipstick you buy you get a tick on your card.  When you reach 10, you get a free lipstick!  I started everyone off with a free tick so you only need 9.  Now you are even closer!  Contact me if you want to know what your card looks like.

For those who want to check out this wonderful product and others, I have a website:

My next post will be from Portland.  We’re excited!



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