Twas the Night Before Christmas


It appeared about a week ago.  The biggest package under the Christmas tree, and it had my name on it.  Christmas Eve: 1962.  I was the oldest of six kids and had never had the biggest present before.  I was wild with anticipation!  What could it be?  My parents knew what I liked.  Sports, reading, and Elvis. Was it a new record player with all the Elvis records included?, snow skis (couldn’t be that as the package wasn’t long enough).  A radio of my very own?  The possibilities were all before me.

My three youngest brothers, Tom, Frank and Tim still believed in Santa.  That meant all six of us were herded into Frank and Tim’s bedroom to sing Christmas Carols so Santa could come.  The louder the better.  As the oldest I had the unwelcome task of leading the group and making sure we all sang nonstop.  Usually I hated this task, but tonight I had the biggest package under the tree…

We heard the “Ho, Ho, Ho’s” outside the window and knew it wouldn’t be long.  Santa and his reindeer had landed and were unloading their gifts for the good girls and boys. Would my sister get anything?   Finally, we were let out of the room, raced to the living room and took our places as my dad handed out the gifts.

Once everyone had their gifts, we were allowed to unwrap.  I left my big gift for last.  Mom and Dad exchanged smiles and watched me with anticipation.  My brothers didn’t care, but my sister Denise was pretty interested.  My heart beating, I unwrapped it.  My parent’s smiles disappeared as the look on my face showed shocking disappointment.  I tried not to burst into tears.  A sewing machine…blue, shiny!  Do my parents not know me?  I’m a classic tomboy!  What were they thinking?  Even my sister felt sorry for me and that did not ever happen.  At least they got the color right, but they didn’t get me.

.That sewing machine made me into a very good gift giver.  I pride myself on coming up with just the right gift for the people on my list.  Usually I get it right.  Two years ago, my daughter Katie got married.  Katie is easy to buy a gift for. Among other things, she loves our skin care and uses the normal-oily.  Every Christmas I give her a skin care set which she care

Her new husband: not so easy.  He has confounded me!  I am at a loss when it comes to him.  He’s a modernist,  something I have a hard time relating to.  At their house one day I saw a magazine called “Traditional Home.”  I asked Katie about it.  “I don’t know, it just showed up in the mail, probably a promotion.  Do you want it?”  ” Yes” I said.  “Good”, Katie said, “I’m not allowed to have a traditional home.”  His favorite colors are grey, black and brown. He could care less about clothes.  Art?  forget it. I’m asking for your help!

My son (who is also a great gift giver), and his new wife:  pretty easy

My brother Frank’s two girls and his daughter-in-law also love our products.  Their favorites include climate control, eye cream, polishing exfoliator (my sister and her daughters-in-law also love the exfoliator) and lip gloss.  This year they are all getting our new lip balm with the awesome ingredients!  All the men are getting it too.  Wonderful for winter dry lips.

Climate ControlLip balm

If you are stuck for a gift, go to my website: to see our products.  I am a great consultant and will help you to find something perfect if you email me at:  Consulting is free!

Meanwhile I will wait for your suggestions for my son-in-law, but am leaning toward a tool box as they are new homeowners.  In grey, black or brown, his favorite colors.  What do you think?

As for the sewing machine?  Never used it.  Not once.

Happy Holidays to all of you!

One thought on “Twas the Night Before Christmas

  1. Ingrid says:

    Great humor, I remember when my boyfriend asked if I wanted to get a table setting each year for Christmas………………he didn’t know me either!!! Wonderful.

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