Why A Blog?


I have been meaning to write a blog for at least two years.  You know how that works…you think about something you want to do and then two years goes by!  I don’t know about you, but this seems to happen a lot to me.  I have also been meaning to organize pictures, clean out the storage unit, write a cookbook for the family, etc. etc.

Now that I’ve procrastinated for two years, I find myself stranded on that place called “Island for computer dummies.” It’s a hard place to be!  My head is bursting with unrecognizable abbreviations, formatting, links, sizing pictures, media, etc, etc.  It makes one want to procrastinate for two more years!  You know all those “Dummies” books?  I went to the Napa Library to see if they had “WordPress for Dummies”, and guess what, they did!  And it’s a big book!  I’m on my own and I hope you will enjoy my learning curve.

Besides channeling my inner author, a big reason to blog is to get to know all of you better.  I do know a few of you and some of you that I now consider friends, I have never met!

Best of all, I am not selling you anything here!  I can hear several of you saying “Wow, that’s a nice change!”

Why “Informal Beauty”?  Because all my other brilliant names were taken.  Obviously, my clever and unique names were not all that clever or unique.  So I hit on “Informal Beauty” which I now think of as clever and unique!

Here are some goals”

1.  Sharing what I have learned in 4 years at SeneGence

2.  Learning what has worked for you and sharing the information

3.  Sharing tips and cool things I’ve found on the Internet.

4.  Publish twice a month to start on the 1st and 15th of the month.

I’d love to hear what  you want to talk about, your questions, comments on the blog content (be positive!), complaints (be positive!), or anything else related to the topics we are or have discussed.

It seems I’ve already broken my number 4 goal!  I will really, really try to publish twice a month on the 1st and 15th.

Hopefully you don’t see two or three of this same post as I have been testing it by publishing.  Part of the learning curve!

Thank you for reading this and please subscribe!  It will be fun!

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2 thoughts on “Why A Blog?

  1. Ingrid Hirashima says:

    Good for you, I know time just kind of goes, where, who knows. I look forward to
    reading more. Good hearing from you.

  2. Philip says:

    I do something like this on Facebook but I am sure you will enjoy this. I think the word is cathartic. I am looking forward to reading your post. If you can look at some of my recent Facebook posts on my page – I find it fun to communicate with those who read what I write and leave me their thoughts.

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